Rant G00GLE Rant

I finally think the mighty Google has lost the plot. Earlier this year out of the blue they stopped showing my adwords because they failed to meet “Google’s Software Principle policy” standards. Simply put its because I did not have install / uninstall instructions on my website.

I tried to argue that with my target market being software developers they would know what to do with a java jar file. That there is no such installation process, or at least one that could be documented for every development scenario.

I hit a brick wall and they refused to allow my ads until I had made changes, so I parked the ads. Why was I paying for adwords anyway when I had a page one ranking for my target keywords?

Anyway, with the launch of a new product I decided it was time to update the site and go through the hoops since we are targeting new keywords. Great they said, thank you for updating the site, but you now need to fill out this form https://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/contact/advertise_software_pol since your distributing free software. It may take 1-2 weeks to complete this.

Need I say anymore? Get a grip Google, your size is starting to make you immovable and frankly I think I might have better success targeting users through Twitter.

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