Extracting packaged msi from Installshield Express setup.exe

I use Installshield Express to create some Windows installers. Problem is it does not allow the direct creation of a packaged MSI file. You can get an MSI but its output is a folder structure, the applications files are not packaged within the MSI itself.

Luckily I found this solution on StackTrace

For the lazy you basiclly do this, extact the MSI out of the setup.exe that the SingleImage format generates.

setup.exe /s /x /b"C:FolderInWhichMSIWillBeExtracted" /v"/qn"

Quick and easy hibernate logging

Wow has it been that long. I’ve been busy building the Hypersocket Framework and the many projects based on it now. We’ll get more chatty about those soon but in the meantime I’d like to record my quick and easy way to enable hibernate logging just by using log4j.

# logs the SQL statements
# Some more useful loggings
# Logs SQL statements for id generation
# Logs the JDBC-Parameter which are passed to a query (very verboose)
# Logs cache related activities